your real otp is the one you immediately think of when you see those au posts

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The meta sequel to that dumb frank video that got popular

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Yesterday, I painted Winter soldier in rain. And my friend said Steve should shield him from the rain. So I did this.

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Anthony Mackie, photographed by Lucie Hugary.

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Anonymous said:
Imagine Bucky using Steve's shield as a sled in the winter


he wasn’t counting on how little traction it would have, and they picked a big hill to try it out -

"fuck fuck FUCK i FUCKED UP—"

luckily for the world, sam was recording; a vine consisting of just bucky whizzing through the screen yelling obscenities goes viral within hours. it’s tagged #hecallshimselfthewintersoldier, and steve doesn’t stop laughing about it for days.

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You’re gonna fuck up. Accept it. Don’t let it stop you. Keep fighting anyway.

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